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Bower raises an eyebrow "nanomachines? heh."

Bower walks to the nearby wall and presses his hand to it.

"this wall is hollow. just some metal studs between two layers of stainless steel. only about 1/4 of an inch thick."

Looking around, bower spots a crowbar thats been snapped in half laying beside an empty box. Picking it up, he looks at the wall..

"Nanomachines my ass"

Bower whips the chunk of crowbar into the wall, through the wall, leaving a gaping hole about 13" in diameter. Bracing his arm inside the hole, shoulder against one side and hand against the other, he extends his arm and tears the hole open to a 4' diameter.

"Full arm augmentation. Build from a few hydraulic systems and that computer you saw. The whole unit is controlled by an interface with whats left of my shoulder. Not a perfect augmentation by any means."

Bowers arm is bent at an awkward angle at the elbow, past where it should stop.

"not being able to feel pain in it yeilds some odd problems. We'll have to fix this too."

He climbs through the hole into the dark beyond it.

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