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ray just stared at das mole and wondered if he ever could have used a toilette and it wont have needed a cleaning after this.. ( )
"Hey Das GRRREAAT idea" he said and Roy was lying to the ground laughing till he nearly cracks up in the middle .. "but i aint got a better one, so lets try it!" ..

as our heroes throw the towelettes they sucked up all the dust and dirt that was flying through the air. but another thing happened.. the vortexes wich are send out from martha were sucking the towels towards martha and somehow they clogged each of martas body openings..

she tried to get rid of the damn towelettes but there was nothing she could do.. she was getting wilder and wilder but all that she attained was she sucked more and more air and towels in ..

finally she exploded with a big bang..

as the air was clear again das mentioned: "uh crap. i didnt though this will happen" .. "look .. you restarted the univers again" ernil yelled .. roy looked around .. "hmm. yeah .. look at this .. this is all so strange stuff." roy sniffed "and this annoying smell .." "oh come on guys" andy said "dont you recognize it marthas inner ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

disgusted they looked at each other and immediatly passed out because of the execration.


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