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Originally posted by wurzel
Hiya guys,
Sorry about the delay, I had to go away for a few days.
The reason I need this info is that I'm a chef and I've been asked to do a Indy themed dinner for the people who are releasing the new special edition DVD set of the films.
They asked me because I specialise in freaky food but I've never actually seen the films and I haven't got much idea of what he ate.
I'm doing locusts, crickets, scorpians and mopane worms. They told me about the eyeball soup so I'm doing that, that also said he had a crocodile stew at some point?? I don't know but they want it so I'll cook it.
Snake would be good but it's virtually impossible to buy whole snakes in this country, it's always beheaded and skinned.
Cheers for your help guys, anymore would be greatly appreciated.
Whoa, awesome job.

Most of what I remember being eaten in the movies has already been posted, but I highly suggest watching all 3 movies. They are true classics, and could help you out with your task.
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