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Originally posted by Kurgan
I'm afraid you're wrong, Duke3D used the "Build" engine, while DF used the "Jedi" engine developed by LucasArts.

There were rumors at the time of DF's release that they had "stolen" the Doom engine code, but I don't think there was anything to them (obviously, or Id would have sued). Of course that would have been silly anyway, since there were other games that used the Doom engine out and others that didn't long before DF came out.

Isn't it ironic now that the Dark Forces series now uses the ID Quake 3 engine, anyway theyt might not release the Dark Forces Source Code because they are worried that there is a chance that ID may sue them over that whole stealing the code issue, as I read in that Dark Forces FAQ, they apparently confessed to ripping apart the Doom engine.

But then again what chance does a by comparrison puny game company have against the mighty George Lucas.
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