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Ulna Shardes
*Serenity. that described the space above Ulna Shardes, the headquarters for teh once rebellion against Cracken and his new Empire.

At least, until the Super Star Destroyer Vengence and her support fleet hyperspaced in. Admiral Karrak stood on the bridge.*

Admiral Karrak: Captain, position the fleet around the panet. i want tnohing getting out of the system. The Emperor wants this planet burning, so we shall do it, with everyone on it. Fire control, begin bombardment. Fire Immolation bombs, along with standered bombardment procedures. Launch Control, launch fighters. aid the Star Destroyers in ensuring nothing escapes this planets gravity well.

*As the fleet positioned itself, the Vengence was the first to fire the new Immolation bombs. Designed specifically to destroy the surface of worlds, the set fire to anything within thier blast radius, and created fires that burned hotter and more out of control than the Sullest could even fanthom. Karrak looked at his timer. 10 minutes until the first bomb hit. He looked up, and saw streaks of green turbolaser fire follow up the 5 Immolation bombs.*

Karrak: Com, send a message to Lord Cracken, the bombardment is underway, the planet will be nothing but a smoldering hulk soon.*

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