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another reason to put Luke at tatoine is that Vader would never think to search at that planet....
of course...who would think of searching his own homeplanet to find his missing's unheard of....
i think what's a more likely reason for obi's placement of luke on tatooine was, rather than believing that vader's never think of searching the planet coz it's so backward, that he believed vader wouldn't actually want to visit tatooine lest he rekindle bad memories....ya know, his mum's death & all...

tatooine is, in my opinion, a very interesting place. it's neutrality in the galactic civil war and the things which it entails---corporate control of the planet, slavery, podracing etc--- contribute to this. then there're the indigenious species of animals & sentients in tatooine...krayt dragons, banthas etc. and then, of course, there're the tusken sandpeople. one of the most interesting aspects of tatooine. sw fans who're solely movie-goers may come to see these primitive people as savage beasts...but people who've read the 'outlander' arc of the republic comic series (dark horse) will, IMO, change their minds....for the first time in sw history, light other than that of the twin suns has been cast on these primitives which touches on their culture, heritage & morals. and that a'sharad hett is so cool....

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