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(...)questioned my sexual orientation enough that even Freud would wonder what he's hiding!
Well, if he's into that "homo is a bad word" thing, he doesn't sound that scientific to me. "You sound gay so you probably are wrong.". I almost love those.

What I find even more amazing is that many of these "UFOlogists" are also amateur proctologists... a fact which I plan to proove with a lot of shoddy filmmaking, sketchy eyewitnesses, and the largest silver wok you've ever seen.
Ditto. If NASA or ESA or some other serious, respected organization comes up with evidence, then fine. Otherwise... tsk, tsk, tsk.

That last bit is important, because when the evidence of someone who makes a pseudoscientific claim is questioned, it is often defended in such a manner. Profanity, name-calling, questioning the person who questions the evidence, anything that might deflect attention from the original issue: the evidence. It can be seen when a non-believer questions any belief… be it ufo's, religion, esp, or that Madonna isn't getting old.
Ditto again.

If he said something like:

Yes, I know some videos are obviously fake, but in the name of science and preserving history I decided to post them all anyway. I agree that one's probably a fake, but you must agree that several of them are still unexplicable.

This site concerns itself with analyzation of all available movies, not just the ones I consider real. There might still be some variable here that makes that line go behind the UFO, and I wanted to make the movie free for others to be the judges.
...then I might have taken him a bit more seriously (though I don't believe in UFOs).

But if he attacks you, you're pretty much sure he's wrong. Common experience when debating someone who's just hopelessy stuck and doesn't want to admit it.

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