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It is a shame that there is more scamers out there than real UFOologist. What am I talking about why do I just stop at UFOology, heck there is alot of scamers throughout the whole scienific community but thats another story .

Back to the topic.....

As most people know scienitific proof is based on the falsification system. Which mean we prove something is correct at the current time by proving that the other options are false. (I stated it right didnt I? its been a while since I had to got back the the basis of scienitific method.)

So if they were real UFOologist and follow science, I assume these {Sarcasm}intelligent people{/Sarcasm} dont, they would have to investigate questions that question the validity of their evidence. As Skinwalker said they failed to do so instead they resorted to something lower than a grade 2 child and started to abuse him. Unfortunately when they did this they destroyed any chance of people and inparticular scientists (I include myself in this group, I'm a student of medical science) taking them seriously, which could mean that IF they had any real evidence it would also be included as trash and ignored.

{I think everything I said has made sence if not I'll edit it }

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