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....Ernil pushed him off the couch.

"Good lord," said Roy, "he's got a crack in him running from his armpit to his hip!"

Everyone stared in unrestrained wonder at Das, and then Roy, because Das was wearing a shirt that covered this area.

"Uhhhh.....I have x-ray vision....ahem...." he said, red-faced.

Andy screamed in horror, and Ray began to cry.

"You have ruined me," he sobbed, "I have never been seen naked by anyone, not even my own mother. How can I go on living....and.....I...." here more weeping.

"Hey, don't worry Ray. It's an image I will strive to forget for the rest of my life."

"You jerk," said Andy menacingly, just before she punched him, hard, upside the face.

But all of a sudden the undead armies....

EDIT: This one was in reply to not the post above, but the post above that. Sorry.

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