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Ok, i know about the md3s your talking about, in the base directory, in the models/map_objects folder. But a lot of those are also in the assets0.pk3 file.

Sometimes you may encounter such problems that only shader glows are displayed on some model, like the big generator in Kejim. In my experience this seems related to whether you use the model as misc_model or misc_model breakable.
Yeah, i noticed, it does that with the ravensclaw, and dualpod, till you make it misc_model_breakable

but the thing is, i put models\map_objects\kejim\ravensclaw.md3 as a misc_model breakable in one map. It worked. Then, i put it in another map, and it didnt work. but why did it only work in the first map and not the second?

Another thing, can I just take a normal md3 and give it a script_targetname and use the move command on it? Ill try it now.

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