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What lags more # of brushes or size of brushes?

What lags more # of brushes or size of brushes?

I have a floor but most of the floor is covered by a second floor. Would it be more performance friendly to leave it as is 2 brushes 2 floors, or cut the area of the first floor that won't be seen? If i cut it i'll end up with 5 brushes 4 for the first floor and one for the second, but there won't be anything that's being drawn that doesn't need to be drawn... so which option will lag more? This is just an example as i've had to make this decision many times... e.g. on a railing: Do i make one big crossbeam that goes through the other beams or to i make lots of little cross beams to fit 'between' the other beams...? Anyone know which method is better? Thanks.

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