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I have both the DOS version and the 'enhanced' Mac version.

The DOS version has been in a box for ... years . The Mac version is still on my Powerbook, and I play it occasionally. The Mac enhancements - 640 x 480 resolution and enhanced sound - make the game much more playable these days. It is still a very enjoyable game.

Doom I liked, and didn't get DF until a bit later, and played it and Duke 3D to death for quite a while ... lots o'fun.

I like the idea of no mid-level saves, with multiple lives. That was one thing I actually liked in Red Faction II - no quicksaves, just checkpoints. Sure it was a console port thing rather than a thoughtful addition, but it was a pain in the a** and I liked it

I am still hopeful of the DF on JKII release ...


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