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Taarnt: I am an Archmage of Necromancy and the Darkstar of Lokpihet. Even if you destroy me, I will but return, for wheresoever there is hatred, there will be Lokpihet! All will-

*Itrok leaps into the air, bring his sword to smash Taarnt's shield*

Itrok: For every Darkstar there will be a Starkiller

Taarnt: Indeed. But who will win this time? Starkillers have died by our hand before. And also, I bring friends.

*Taarnt begins making unpleasant hand movements, and a gate to hell appears*

Jiyle *To Drago and K'Warra, filled with pride* You're about to witness something epic. Our ancestors with cherish our names long after we are gone. Furro guide my aim!

*Begins shooting at the oncoming demons*

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