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How can a vintage Luke be 1994-2003? It would be 1977-2003. And if you have vintage confused with PotF2, it's 1995-2003

I have never broken anything. Things have been broken in my collection, but they did it due to cheap design or just age....

12" Chewie and Vader have their arms held on by rubberbands. Well, being over 25 years old as of this year, the bands are crap. Chewie's band snapped earlier this year, and his arms flew from his torso like some things being ejected from a space shuttle Vader is fine, for the time being Now, I see that in an FAQ and Rebel Scum, they tell you how to fix it. Well, I didn't do that. I used super glue.

Another thing was my Acklay. I set him up on all his legs, but gravity pulled his body down and the joints were bent in a strange way. One of the joints broke. (stupid gravity! ) Superglued that too. I used a pillar of clay to hold him up so that won't happen again.

Umm, I was very careful when playing and never broke a figure. I remember once I lost SotE Luke's helmet, so me and my friend stopped playing and looked around for it ALL day and didn't play. It was in the PotF2's landspeeders hood

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