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BEST EVER : Grim Fandango
B|EST EVER(-1) : The Longest Journey

then comes...

Last Express
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis
Gabriel Knight 1

(others ay of the tentacle
Full Throttle
Syberia (will be decided when 2 comes out) )


I forgot about Atlantis - game of Cryo Interactive. There are three epizodes of this game. I have Atlantis II ,but I played in Atlantis III too. Well , what can I say ? Every fan of adventure games must play in Atlantis. If not , this mean that he is not a fan

Atlantis 2 is my most awful adventure ever, It's irritating difficult, no story, no interesting at all I hated it for ruining the wonderful Atlantis 1...(you must play this one)
and as for atlantis 3...just a little less awful than atlantis 2...It was just a recup of one and two (but this one i don't hate it.......anymore i hated when i first plaied it )

Atlantis : The Lost tales is one of my LOVED GAMES.......

A must play game

"They've come to witness the Beginning.
The rebirth of Paradise, despoiled by mankind."

A journey of a 1000 battles, begins with a single blow.

Un-break my heart...
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