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Death of a Bearer of Avatars

Taarnt: Look at that. The gargoyle has a vendetta. How quaint.

*Taarnt summons fire from the Hells onto K'Warra, burning the area around him, and enveloping him in flame*

Taarnt: I'm going to kill you, Itrok. I'm going to do it because Jiyle here isn't the only one with avatar heritage. My Father was Orthos The Black, First of Darkstars.

Itrok: He died. I'll never forget the shocked look upon his face as he became mortal again.

*Taarnt hurls a bolt of disintegration at Itrok's sister. Itrok is faced with a terrible choice, and so leaps into the path of the bolt. Feeling the blight take his skin, and begin to eat at him, he makes a further sacrifice*

Taarnt: Fool. Now who will defeat me? And how will you stop?-NOOOOOOOO!

*Itrok runs at the portal that the dragon is still drawing energy from, and hurls his disintegrating body into it's grasp. It slams shut, encasing Itrok's body in stone. The Starkiller sword flies rapidly backwards, toward it's next bearer*

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