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Post Loyalty or Treason: The rise of the secret order

I got an idea for this RPG:

Time line: The rise of Palpatine as an Emperor (so. Darth Sidious have a lot to do here).

An old Master of the Force (nor jedi or sith), living near a waterfall in the planet of Naboo, saw a ship crashed near his home, he went to saw if there were survivours. Inside the ship the view was horrible, blood, corpses all burned.

Using his intuition and Force powers he felt very potent prescenses inside the ships chambers, he found 4 young teens with Force skills in very bad shape, he decided to took them with him...

Meanwhile in Coruscant, the clone army was spreading through the gallaxy, and Senator (chanciller) Palpatine was growing with power and influence.


Okey, this is the basic

I need 3 more players, or more if they want, ya know the rules, only the normal force powers, as apprentices we havent done our lightsabers.

i need 3 players to be the teenagers, (ill be one ).

Who wants to play? firs pls post your character BIO (a new or used one)

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