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Unless that's supposed to say least favorite weapon, the poll already exists.

And I'd vote fists. The only usefulness they gave me was to kill the first Kell Dragon or to just get that satisfying crunch

The Fusion Cutter sucked. I enjoyed the idea of having taken a mining tool and using it to cut down the waves of Imps, but it was terribly inaccurate, and that's saying something since the game has an autoaim system The Bowcaster in JK and JO served the same use, but somehow, I ended up using it a bit more than I did the Fusion Cutter.

I.M. Mines did not take health away from me even with cheats not enabled. (bug?) I used them to get to hard to reach places. Pile about 10 on top of eachother, you took off like Superman! But if I missed the ledge and fell to where I started from... well, let's just say they'd have to pick me up with a spoon

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