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A dark figure, hat pulled low and slanted, entered an empty diner.

"A strawberry milkshake, an it please ye," said the person, who, judging by the voice and manner, was a young lady.

The adolescent-looking waiter hesitated a moment. "Who are you?" he asked, puzzled.

"Do you honestly have to check? It's just a freakin' milkshake," she snapped.

"Sorry," the boy said, "but it's a very small town, and I've never seen you before." He hopped to mix the milkshake, and avoid further disappoval. He wanted to impress the stranger with his skills, naturally. Just like a man.

The girl sighed heavily. "My name is unimportant..."

"Oh please...."

"All right, I see you'll have the whole story. You can call me Miss Orca Wail, boy. It wasn't always that way, but it is now." she said, very sadly. A second later, she recovered herself and continued. (The waiter wished she would uncover her face.)

"This is how it happened. Seven years ago, my father...."

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