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but I can't find this game nowhere.
....that's awful

i hope you manage to buy it one day and play it...

The interface is similar to GF, but a more updated version of it.
i wouldn't actually say updated myself...
it made the game much more confusing for some people...Actually it was a back step (my opinion of course )

- Titanic: Adventure Out of Time
a decent game with great detail in historic. Nice plot and chars and i loved going walks on the ship knocking at doors talking to chars and getting into their cabins to find clues . Too bad the first time i plaied it, i lost both the book and the painting (but found the neclace and the photos ), and then replaied it with a friend and a...*ahem* walkthrouth ..ruined the last 20 minutes of the game with the sinking ....(but as i have forgotten it whole, i am planning to replay it.... )

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