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((OOSk, we follow the story with only 3 characters...

if other players want to join later just follow the story pls))

The old man took the 3 survivors with him to his house, after taking care of their wounds, 5 days passed since the accident.

Meanwhile one of the teens, Dravek was having nightmares...

"hhmpppf... no...wait...... no... NOOO"

Suddendly awakes without knowing where he was, he saw his sorroundings, the celling, with some glass of a many colors, representing a figure of a Lady giving water to some old man.

"Wh.. where am I? damn.. head hurts..."

He turned around his head and saw other 2 young persons in bed

"Sirgion !!!"

Dravek tried to stand up and he fell to the ground, a misterious voice was heard:

"Relax, you still are weak, you must rest by now, they are only sleeping, so dont worry"

Dravek replied: "who.. who are you? where am I...?"

The old man just passed his hand above Drave´s head and he fell asleep.

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