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I voted for the the mortar gun (8). It has a lousy range, and little power. Whereas it's not my favourite weapon, I do like the fusion cutter (6) for a couple of reasons. Secondary fire is great in certain instances such as when you're surrounded by Gamorrean's and need a quick way out, or you're right up next to a phase 2 Dark Trooper. The discharge from this weapon is slightly stronger than the Stormtrooper rifle and Repeater rifle. Sometimes you can kill an Imperial Commando in 2 shots instead of the usual 3 with the other guns. Now consider that fact that (if my calculations are correct) this is a 33% improvement on the Stormtrooper rifle. So you have a gun which has 133% of the power of the Stormtrooper rifle. Now multiply that by 4 (for the secondary fire) and in close range you have a weapon that is effectively about 532% better than the stormtrooper rifle in close range situations. Many's the time I've used the fusion cutter to battle Mohc, or Boba Fett, or a Kell Dragon. It's the most powerful (non self-damaging) close-range weapon, excluding the plasma blasts from the Assault Cannon.
Having said all that, do not use this as a long range weapon, as you're simply wasting ammo. Stick to the Repeater.

A note about the fists: If you are out of ammo, or just looking for fun, then try this. Crouch, hold Page Down until you are looking up as high as you can, and get as close as you can to an enemy and press punch. If done correctly the enemy will inexplicibly rocket into the sky and die instantly upon impact with the ground. Obviously this only works in exterior areas/areas with high ceilings. It will work on Stormtroopers, Commandos, Officers, Grans, Gamorreans and Trandoshans. It may also work against Probe droids, remotes, and Interrogation droids.

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