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I was gonna post this but never did because of what leXX said. But she gave us permission Thanks leXX!!!

GI Joes/ Ultimate Soldiers/ Dragons/ Blue Box soldiers. I get all sorts of Joes, but only WWII for the last 3 brand names.

Planet of the Apes. I got a few Medicoms (the coolest figures for PotA EVER never released in US and sell for 20-40 each ), the crappy Hasbro ones from a few years back, and even... even the 2001 movie figures

Indiana Jones. All the vintage and even the 12" one. I got 'The Relic Hunter', a nice 12" ripoff of Indy with a much better likeness to Ford then the Toys McCoy one. Got a custom of Indy as a German, and 2 Professor Jones (the second one looks more like Connery, but unlike the first, is in the wrong outfit ) I have the Disney one, and cannot wait for the second wave of Indy guys Know when those are coming out anyone?

Batman. Well, not anymore. I have all my Batman toys I played with on display though. I will retire them soon when worse comes to wose and need it for SW guys.

Xena. Haha, yeah, I just packed them up to make room for some soldiers and SW guys. Maybe if I ever get room, they'll once again be shelf worthy

And.... well.... Star Trek. Playmates and Art Asylum. I got 9" and small. I got all the crew members from each series in the 9" assortment (except for the Klingon chick from Voyager, they never made them ) I cannot wait for the original series Art Asylum guys

I got tons of crap from movies and other things (Jurassic Park, Congo, Waterworld, Spawn, etc etc etc) in storage. I learned my lesson after selling off my Turtles. I was sitting on a gold mine! They might go up in price over the years. You never know....

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