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Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee
(('Relatives in combat unit' !?! I Hope thats just meaning that these guy's are combat bud's ^_^))

iea i meant that sorry for the minunderstanding....

After giving the potion, the old man, stood at John and began asking about him.

"I hope you feel better, probably you feel alitle dizzy, but its alright, thats normal, it seems all of you got a strong accident"

John, tried to stand up, and walked a little, but he lost balance and almost fell in the floor, but by some misterious energy he didnt touched the floor.

"he he he, you shouldnt walk yet child, your wounds arent fully recovered yet, you should rest a little more, -the old man played a little with his beard with a hand, while the other was pointing at John- dont worry dont be afraid, i wont harm you"

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