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(oos: you didnt lost your arm, I tried to say very injured, but not lost sorry , so you can keep your arm )

Dravek awoke again, feeling a little bit better, he still was dizzy but he was able to walk, so he left his bed, and gave some steps
"it.. hurts..." -he said, at the moment he saw again the old man- "er.. thank you for taking care of us, where are we? who are you?"

The old put his hand on the lef shoulder of Dravek

"...First... your name is Cornell... Dravek Cornell," -Dravek interrupted-"how do you know that?, have i met you before?"

"Is not always necesary meeting with people, to know the names. I am Verlose, pleased to meet you"

Dravek still curious about how the old guy was able to know his name, shaked hands with him.

"Now, Dravek, can you tell me, where are you from? what happened to your ship?"

Dravek walked to a nearby window and saw the escene, green mountains, a big lake with clear water, and some animals there resting, some womprats, brontos, and other species.

"...honestly, I dont know how we ended here, we was traveling to coruscant, our orders were to visit the Jedi Counsil, they didnt told us any reasons.

The old man walked to a nearby table, and took a knife, and without any regrets he threw to Dravek´s head!


Dravek turned and saw the knife was coming straight between his eyes.

He saw the knife and suddendly he saw it coming like in slow motion (OOS: any similitude to Matrix is only a concidence ) and evaded the knife grabbing it from behind and throwing it to the old man.

It flew again now towards the old man and before it could strike him the knife stopped in the air, and suddendly fell to the ground.

"HAHAHHAHAHHA just as I tought"

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