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Okay, these codes may vary from the different mods, but the ones from the Jedi Academy Mod are:

/amsit (meditate-like sitting)
/amsit2 (odd upright sleeping sit)
/amsurrender (hands up)
/ampoint (does an animation that Tavion did on Bespin)
/amwait (hands behind back like Imperial Officer)
/amcrossarms (crosses arms)
/amtaunt (single player weapon spinning taunt)
/amtaunt2 (draws Lightsaber like Tavion)
/amthumbsdown (thumbs down)
/amthumbsup (thumbs up)
/amkiss (kisses other player only if Lightsabers are drawn)
/amhug (hugs other player only if Lightsabers are drawn)
/ampunch (punches, usually won't to damage)
/amwave (waving)
/amwave (better waving)
/amscratch (scratches head, looks more like saluting)
/amdontknow (shrugs)
/amthink (puts hand on chin and thinks)
/amspin (spins in the air)
/amspin2 (dance-like spin
/amtossup (throws Lightsaber in the air)
/amtossover (throws Lightsaber to the side)
/amtossback (tosses Lightsaber backwards like)
/amcomeon (waves to come on)
/amhandhips (puts hands on hips for a second)
/amkneel (mournes)
/ambeg (gets down on hands and knees)
/amflip (briefly flips Lightsaber)
/amcocky (points at yourself)

To get out of certain animations like sit and kneel, just type the command again.


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