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Indy, eh?

Here's some MUST haves.

Vintage Raiders of the Lost Ark figures from Kenner. Very expensive for a few, but not hard to come by. At least here with all the toyshows. eBay is good. I have Indy, Belloq, German Mechanic, and Toht on the card. The rest I have loose along with 2 of 3 playsets made. One thing I need for the collectin to be complete in my eyes is the Ark that came with the 3rd playset!

12" Relic Hunter. Brian had it. I got mine from some military action figure store for only 110 dollars. It's a 12" generic Indy. Don't think it looks bad. It's the best out there, save for the hat. Not terrible, but I've seen better.

Disney Indys. I got the first one they made of him in the leather jacket. I can't wait for the second wave of them as you know.

Misc things to have.

Vintage Temple of Doom figures from LJN. VERY hard to come by. My Indy is a beat up peice of junk I was lucky to snag for 30 bucks at a show. Repro hat from Brian. I got the Giant Thugee loose and on the card and Mola Ram from a dealer at the toy show I now refer to as... Mola Ram

Custom Figures. eBay has tons. I got 2 different Henry Jones Srs (12") from there. Plus, I got a 12" custom of Indy as a German at a toyshow. I had my eye on his Indy in tux, Lao Che, Belloq, and Sallah. This fall... this fall...

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