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It has to do with math, and why ASk has got it all wrong

ASk, I read that and tried to find you on ICQ but couldn't, but I'll try to find you sometime and we'll go over it.

imyourfather/tFighterPilot - ASk probably had some hardcoded constants that meant he could only work on JO's humanoid (when my program was hardcoded, it was because I had references to 72 bones, like in JO's humanoid, but the ATST and other GLA's do not have as many, or new skeletons can have more.

I don't know why ASk would need to use any quaternion math at all.
I made a silly little program called Dragon, which is an animation tool for the GLA format, used in Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and Krakatoa.
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