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(OOS: come on kids, help with the story )


Dravek wondered why the old man laughed so hard.

"what´s so funny, and why did you attacked me?" -Dravek asked.

"he-he he, Im sorry, i just wanted to finish a theory..."

Dravek, was angry, he could be dead, but he know he was able to do that moves on self defense, he ran straight to the old man with his fist closed.

"Im not a theory subject!!!"

The old man let Dravek walk several steps towards him, and let throw the punch; at the last moment the Old man raised his hand and grabbed Dravek´s neck with some "magical" powers (force grip)...

"Calm down child, its not wise to disturb an old man. -he he he, I wont kill you, im not that kind. just be quiet and I´ll explain..."

Dravek was having a hard time to breathe and he nooded with effort.

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