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Originally posted by ZBomber
I have quite a few GI Joes Taters. Having 1 or 2 figures of soemthing doesn't count as colelcting, like X-Files, you have Mulder, Scully, and an Alien. thats not really colelcting. I have atleast 20 GI Joes, and thats good, since they are expensive.
i have the whole series of x-files, which includes...
alien and cave man
mulder with capsule
scully with gernie(sp?)
scully cold weather, and mulder cold weather

and if you look, i said i collect mcflaren.....more than each thing from a serioes from mcflaren......such as terminator, i have him, but i said mcflaren.

and sorry, i thoght you only had a few joes, my appology.

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