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At least you have music. I could never get music to play on my game. Maybe it's the fact that I have Windows 98. Actually, I haven't played JK since my old hard drive crashed. Maybe I should give it another shot with the new hard drive.

Check out for JK mods. They have quite a few SP and MP mods available. Try a Google search for "JK mods" as well. I've found some real gems out there. As for recommending mods, I enjoyed the Manowars 2 mod found at the JKMAG website. (don't have the url at the moment, sorry! A Google search for "JKMAG" might help) I also found a simple yet extremely satisfying mod that allows you to gain health from gripping someone. What's cool is that you can gain health past 100, so you could take damage and it would take a few shots before health goes down! It's a great mod since Dark siders get a chance to heal with it. I think it can be found at or something. Try some custom SP levels as well if you haven't already. I would highly recommend downloading Imperial Pumping Station, Siege at Vol Kanst and Siege at Derra IV. These and many others can be found at
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