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Dravek smiled a little when he saw Sirgion doing the knife trick.

Verlose glared at Sirgion with a smile in his face:
"Good, then perhaps you are the most advanced with the, young Dravek, can you do the same?"

Dravek consentrated thinking about the knife.

Mmmm... "Damn!!! it isnt working"

Verlose interrupted : "

Dont rush on anything... its a wise thing to let all the feelings go... the knie is there, you know is there, its only a material, but inside your mind its more than an object, feel it, its a dead object, but inside your mind all the energies flows throught it..."

Dravek consentraded more deeper, then some strange memories returned inside his mind
..... the academy... trainnies...suddendly nothing.

Then the young draveg closed his hand hard enough, seems he was angry with some memories, and forced to close his hand more, and more.. and still the knife wasnt moving. Verlose watched him very interested in his acctitude.

Suddendly a small volt of energy began to spark in his closed hand. Verlose was very surprised.

"Interesting...this child..."

Dravek was afraid of what he has done. He opened his hand and watched all the others in their beds.

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