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After the "breakfast" Verlose called the teens outside of the house.

"Come with me, lets have a walk"

John and Dakken, had a little problem walking, they injures still werent fully healed, but the went with the group, Dravek and Sirgion helped them all the way.

The group walked and walked, for about 1 hour or so, they passed the fields and saw a lot of wild species there but the most notable were the womprats, they crossed the way of the party, harmless like their were scorting the group. Verlose lowered his arm to the ground, a womprat came closer to him, it seems it was afraid "come here little friend..."; Verlose said, and the womprat jumped to the old manīs shoulder.

The party was amazed with that event, they knew the womprat is a wild life specie and it doesnt came closer to the humans.

Dravek was tired of walking, "Ey!, Verlose, how much we have to walk?"

"Be patience, we are almost there" , Dravek saw his companions and nooded.

They began to hear the sound of water flowing, they came to a waterfall, a beautyfull waterfall, with water so clean that they could see their faces on the surface with all clarity.

"Here - Verlose said- now drink some water if you want"

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