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First things I'm gonna start collecting without my dad and his money!

Matrix - I plan on just Neo and Trinity from the lobby scene, but may get more if I like Reloaded enough.

Lord of the Rings - Armies of Middle-Earth. They're cool little minatures of characters or army builders. Cheap too. Plan on getting the main characters and a few army builders like the Orc 3 packs. I know, I know! I don't like these geeks either into AD&D and LotR and all, but I like LotR for the movies and books. Not for the Elvish and all the chronological crap written on them. I reserve that much useless ficitonal knowledge for SW alone

Like to read? Like fantasy stories? Like doing people you've never met in person favors? Then read and review my original movie screenplay! You will, you must. It is your destiny....

Check out the best shots of all of my collections along with some of my better attempts at artwork here.
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