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Orca and the nerd just looked at Ernil, snoring on the flithy diner floor, sucking in dust-bunnies, crumbs, and the occasional small animal. The fat man, completley shocked, hid behind the counter in a fetal position.

Orca thought for a minute. "Maybe he'd be a good bargining thing...."
"'What you say?'" said the nerd.
"As a hostage, stupid. We're bad guys, we're supposed to do things like that."Orca rolled her eyes.

As they began to tie up and gag Ernil, the fat guy pulled out a shot gun.

"Orca! Go on ahead! I'll take care of him!'For great justice, take off every 'zig!'"

While Orca dragged Ernil to the car, the nerd was heard to say
"'You have no chance to survive make your...'" followed by the sound of the shot gun.

Orca smiled. Oh good, she thought. The fat man saved me a bit of work.
She dumped Ernil into the trunk, and speed off into the night.

But meanwhilst...
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