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relating back to captain andy's post...

the real contact (rayjones wasn't the actual contact, making everything about ray there irrelevant, and throwing a huge twist into the plotline!), das mole, was sitting and sipping a pina colada very discreetly. as he stepped outside of the diner, he walked past a dark alley. out of the shadows came roy.

"hey das." he said.

"hello roy. do you have the papers?"

"yes, i brought them in this suitcase." he said, pointing to a black leather suitcase he was holding in his right hand.

"good. give them to me." roy handed them over, and das immediately checked them to see if they were in mint condition. "you imbecile! you got them wet! now i can't read them!"

"oh, crap!"

"yeah, that's right! now what's the boss going to say? that's it. you're fired!"

"you can't do that!"

"damn. you're right. well, come on. we have to go find the boss and tell her that we destroyed the papers."

as they went out into town to track down captain andy, she talked to ray further, never realizing that he wasn't the real spy. as ray kept attempting to tell this to captain andy, she repeatedly cut him off, never giving him the chance to speak. soon enough, roy and das showed up, with das tapping her shoulder.

"who the hell are you two?" she asked.

"i'm the white spy you need to talk to," claimed das.

"but this guy is the right one."

"no, he's not."

"oh," she said, putting her full attention on what das was going to tell her.

"the papers were destroyed."

"what? now we'll never find orca wail!" she said, as she picked das up by the collar of his overcoat.

"but i didn't do it! it was roy!"

"no, i didn't do it! it was him!" said roy.

"well, one of you did it!" said andy.

"actually..." began ray...
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