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okay, then, who left thanks to the harbor?

i don't really think that welcome back threads are making people leave the harbor, it's just welcoming somebody back onto the forum. are you saying that niko and frenchyd's welcome back threads for themselves were making people leave the harbor?

like ray said, you closing the threads is making people leave. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if it was discouraging newbies from coming into the harbor and introducing themselves, because they probably think that they're going to have their threads closed all the time.

i don't think that a forum of "spammy" nature really turns people away from it...aresen is a huge spam factory and a lot of people go there, including myself. i think that you're actually being waaaay too strict and half the stuff that you're closing is completely unnecessary to close. unless it has something inappropriate or offensive in it, then it doesn't need to be closed and it's as simple as that. an "i'm back" thread?

well, that's all i have to say, this is one thread that i'll check up on for sure.
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