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It does.
umm...okay...and how can you be so sure? did you poll everybody at lucasforums and ask whether forums of spammy nature turn them away from it? i serously doubt it. and i know that i said forums of a spammy nature don't turn people away from it, but the difference is that i said:

i don't think that a forum of "spammy" nature really turns people away from it...
notice how i said the word "think", while you said "does". so you can't tell me "how can you be sure, either?", i want an actual answer, not some cocky, b.s. answer that is always given when it comes to these kinds of topics like "because if you look closely, less people come ". that kind of answer is total crap because you're not keeping track on a piece of paper how many people are coming, nor do you have some kind of meter that counts the amount of people entering the harbor per day. if you really did poll people and have some kind of device that counts users going into the harbor on a daily basis, then i'm badly mistaken, but i'm pretty sure i'm not.

and bgbennyboy- leaving threads and returning threads aren't the ultimate useless threads or whatever. you wouldn't just expect people to know that you're gone for a month when you're just gone one day. and i know that you can post it in one thread that you're going to leave, but not everybody reads every single thread. you want to make it known to everybody and then it'll be like an actual good-bye because people actually bid you farewell, not just "okay i'm leaving bye." in one post and then people say goodbye and it's next to pointless and then that counts as spam and all this other crap. i don't see why they're pointless, and maybe you don't understand the meaning of pointless. let me dissect this for you, here:

point- meaning there is a reason for something
-less- lacking something

therefore, pointless means that it is literally pointless, it has no reason. an example would be "duck." as a post, that's pointless. not "hey, i'm back. i was gone for a while because i was on vacation and didn't have access to a computer. so, what's been going on?", okay?

you know what? this is it. i'm leaving the harbor for good. you've got me so pissed off that it's not even funny. i'll come back to look at things, but i will not post and until you get your s*** together and realize how arrogant you guys are being, i'm not coming back.

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