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(oos stay on the rpg )


At the border of the waterfall, Dravek drank of the water

"Ah... fresh water..."

The others rested a little in the water, the refreshed themselves.

Verlose called them to sit around him....

"well, young ones, come hither, as you know and felt, you have some special gifts within yourselves, that gift is called The Force, its an energy field caused by all living things, sorround us, penetrate us and brings the gallaxy together (oos: yea i know i know ) - Verlose watched the expression of the boys- "Rember the way Dravek defended himself of the knife, those reflexes were the Force flowing through him"

Dravek lowered his head.

"no no no, you dont have to be ashamed, its a gift... but you must learn how to control it, I remember that volt of energy you caused in the house, thats, the Dark side of the force..."

all the boys were atonished..

(oos: come on guys, help a little ,i want to see what you can do... )

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