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Oh goodie, another arguement. It's strange but The Harbor seems like the only forum with civil wars.

Personally, the idea of a poll sounds decent. I also think that hello and goodbye threads are useful. If people just up and left, well it would be confusing. Idle chat is what the Harbor is for. If I walked up to you and said I was leavng, would you stop listening to me and close the subject in you mind? I think you would say goodbye. Yes, It's a lot more normal to saw "ciao" over ignoring.

I support mods do what they think is right, I'm not fighting them. But moderator need to find the inner-members inside of them. They should think whether or not it might become popular. Like, a child buys a new toy, it's a bit like his other toys. But If the child uses it and enjoys it, no need to take it away. Plus, If you stop the child from using the toy, and the toy isnt being used, it's a waste of space.

Translation = closed threads are a waste of space if they could be used right.

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