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I told myself I wasn't going to get involved this time, but...
Originally posted by Gabez
But really people, but this is a forum for Monkey Island, not Super Star Wars Racing 3. Most of the community is mature and non-lame, coinciding with how fans of a well written series of games swaying more on the intellectual side should be like.
All right... First: Are you saying that people who haven't played this particular game shouldn't be visiting the forum? I can see where this might be a problem if people were popping up at random in threads in a forum specifically devoted to game discussion or technical problem resolving, but I always thought that the "Everything and Anything/ Off-Topic" forums here were set aside for discussion about anything BUT the game in question. I have always noticed that if someone tries to start a game-oriented thread in an "Anything..." area, it usually gets moved to the appropriate game-centric forum.
So, as I have always believed that since you're not supposed to talk about the game itself there, I have always seen the "Off-Topic" forums as open to all comers, even those not familiar with the game the area is devoted to, and are a good way to get aquanted with other gamers with different intrests than you that maybe you might not encounter too often otherwise.

Second: Wasn't the point of "Networking" all the various LucasGames Forums to encourage interaction between members of the various nodes? At least that was the explination I heard at the time.
And it has worked for me: I have checked out and enjoyed a bunch of Lucasarts games that I may not have otherwise (Grim Fandango, Sam and Max, Jedi Knight II...) based on the rabid devotion and word-of-mouth I saw around those games. I happen to like Star Wars based action games, but I am open to expanding my admittedly somewhat narrow field-of-view and branching out to other great games.

Third: It seems silly to me to create segregation over not only what type of video-games you like to play... but over what type of video-games you like to play that are published by the same company! After all, we all still look like equal nerds and geeks to someone on the outside...

They are all still just vid games. I don't believe for a second that preferring one over the other automatically makes you a better person.

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