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No we don't daring. We have like 5 different kinds around here, and they are old.

Originally posted by Katarn07
Might I ask how common the McFarlen Sammy Sosa was? Kerry Wood was around, but Sosa was impossible! I was lucky enough to snag some Starting Line Ups rare here in Chicago-land up in Wisconsin's Walmarts (along with some SW and ST if memory serves....) I'd have gotten Wood if I saw Sammy

By the way, off eBay? I managed to snag Indy Disneys Wave 2. All 5 for 62 dollars! That's less than 13 bucks a peice (my guesstimate of what Disney's gift shop will charge)
Sammy isn't that rare. I have him. Its just they release about 2 of the hometeam's figure. I know, I never saw Manny, Nomar, Pedro, or Derek Lowe in stores. We had to order them off EBay, and I still haven't gotten Derek Lowe yet.....

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