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Originally posted by Carl Shutt
Proof that the crackdown is working.
*(Kicks Carl.)* I'm here, aren't I...?

Hear, hear, Edlib. To support your argument, I'll go briefly into my own reasons for not frequenting the Harbor. Frankly, I was perceiving a strong bias against us 'Star Wars' forum crowd. Reading what Gabez has written here, I can safely say that this bias is still in place, and even fluttering proudly on the flagpole.


When I see the Mixnmojo forums in my 'forum jump' menu, I consider it an invitation to jump on in and participate. Because I haven't played in particular Monkey Island or Sam and Max, I do courteously restrain my interaction to the off-topic forums. Yet in the Harbor I am unwelcome for not staying to the game topic at hand?!? The logic of this argument escapes me.

So the big problem I'm hearing is: the old members are leaving because of the Harbor, and the Star Wars crowd drifting in doesn't help. Allow me to propose another theory: your forums are growing old, just like the Rogue Squadron (Aresen) and X-Wing Alliance forums. We too see traffic drifting away as new games come out, and long-term members (frankly) get bored and sail off for a new interest in life other than posting on an electronic bulletin board in cyberspace. This, as I understand it anyway, is one reason why the LFN forums have all been consolidated into one website in the first place. Not surprisingly, if you look at the postings count on the forums page, most activity is taking place in the off-topic forums (where an odd sense of online community has evolved) rather than those specific to games.

Most of these games have been talked to death (unless they're revived by the release of sequels.) Here in the off-topic forums, we talk about all sorts of other things...even, on occasion, the all-too-frequently seen *I'm back* or *i"m leaving* thread. I think they're silly, too, guys...but it's a part of the online sense of community that some of us obviously enjoy. Moderators in the other forums allow these threads to stay open, because they don't want to kill that sense of community.

But this is your forum, your rules. I'm just here to offer feedback, and a suggestion: you could be nicer.

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