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Huge help needed re. Full Throttle score

Hey everyone, newbie here!

I've managed to rip all of Peter McConnell's score from FULL THROTTLE using SCUMMRevisited (excluding songs, I have 57 tracks). However, none of them have any proper track names. I want to put them on CD and do some work on covers, but I desperately need some track names. Has anyone on here who's an absolute genius managed to ID all the bits of music, even the really short cues, and managed to give them track names?

I'd really appreciate it if someone could come up with track names for the music. Some of the "Music Room" folders on the CD had names like "corley motors?" so where they had names, I extracted the files within this folder and named them "corleymotors1.wav", "corleymotors2.wav" and so on. But these are not real names!

Maybe if I post a list of each of the track running times, someone can ID them and give them names?

Thanks for reading, and if you think you can help in ANY way, please post here.

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