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Thumbs up The COG Jedi Academy Ladders

The Competative Online Gaming Network (The COG) is proud to announce its full support of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In addition to hosting multiple ladders, the COG will be providing game play accountability software, called 'Accountable', for use with the ladders for JA. This software will ensure that the players and teams participating at the COG remain on a level playing without the assistance of third party programs.

Our initial ladders will be:
4v4+ TFFA FF
4v4+ TFFA FF Sabers only
4v4+ CTF FF
4v4+ Siege FF
1v1 Duel FF Sabers only

A 4v4+ ladder match must consist of at least 4 players per team however, as with all games at the COG, if teams agree to participate with larger team sizes or altered rules, they may do so. All ladders support challenge matches as well as pick-up matches.

Registration is now open for these ladders. You can sign up at The ladders will open for matching shortly after the game is released.
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