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hey .. it wasnt ME.. it was your freaking server... i wanted to post this a it just dont reacted... a as i looked for the messi (i was not the first time this happens and i WANTED TO AVOID TO DOUBLE A MESSI) it wasnt there .. so i retried.. then after several tries i said GOT TO BED KID .. and went there ..

so please .. KEEP COOL!!!!!!!!!


zoom.. my post was ..

yeah we are so nice..

*group hugging*



ps. as if i would post a messi ten times .. like i dont know you would delete it anyway syntheticgerbil .. i am not so stupid as i look sometimes ..


it was really posted 10 times ..?? wow..!!!


twitchy?? try to post a message whilst .. errrmmm... doing hot stuff with a panty wearing girl.. .. *looks* why? why i post and do hot stuff including panties?? .. i just say..

fetish jones..

*walks off wearing highheels*

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