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Originally posted by bgbennyboy
I actually banned you for what you said to Bill Tiller. I'm banning you for ban-evasion now though. Its pathetic Raven, if you are going to flame, at least have the courage to do it under your own name.
Man....I have no problem with you personally - but it's this sort of thing that loses you respect......yeah this guy might be pathetic for not having the balls to post under his real ID, but why be dragged down to the level of calling him 'pathetic' where everyone can see it?? Simply banning him, editing the post and ignoring it, would cause far less damage and would avoid adding fuel to the fire......

Bottom line is that the MI Mods are losing respect.....

....what are you going to do to win back the respect?? Don't tell me "I don't need the respect" or "I've done nothing wrong", 'cause that's just a cop guys want to get people back on side.......

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