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Deep thinking from the guy above....

Originally posted by Neil Joshi

So instead of complaining, tell us what you want. What would you have us do as good moderators, although don't be stupid and say stuff like 'Allow spam and flame', or other such, but stuff that you think would make the forum fun whilst not being completely boring, or lifeless, or too crappy. I'm not garunteeing that we'll do it all, but myidea is we come up with a list of rules for all (including mods) to abide by. Of course you as well as us will see all of the rules so if you feel we're not abiding by them, then you can tell us, as well as the other way around. These will of course be more of guidlines than rules (i had to throw a little POTC in there) but they will help, I know that. what do you guys thing. Moderation Feedback, that's what we want.
Neil, is everyone involved in this proactive thinking? Or are there mods out there with their heads in the sand, like I get the feeling there might be?

I've said above and in many other posts, the first thing we need, is mods to stop insulting people on the forums. Whether you're insulted yourselves or not. Insulting people is simply not good practice.

Moderators MUST agree with each other, or at least appear to agree in public. I've seen posts closed by one moderator then re-opened by another.....this is just a joke.....if a post is closed for right or wrong reasons, leave it alone or you undermine your colleague, which leads to the less mature users immediately thinking they can treat the first mod with a lack of respect.

Moderators should not argue on the forums......I'm sure most of the disagreements are behind closed doors, but the ones that slip out seroiusly undermine your guys profile....

....anyway, I'm repeating myself...err bye!!

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