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Arrow Communication

See above.

When the 'big crackdown' occured, there was no word or warning beforehand. I downloaded the forum page one morning and saw that all the active threads had been closed, and only one thread open. It was from the moderators (they know who they are) responsible, sarcastically mocking the situation.

Sense of humor. Yes, I get that part. But I'm sure you guys can see how not everyone might take it that way.

The new policies regarding 'spam' in the Harbor came out in the wash, but it was too late. Whether it was a joke or not, some people do not appreciate being treated by someone who is supposed to be in a position of authority in that fashion. If you have some kind of power over me, and you mock can bet your bottom dollar that my next act will be in resistance.

I was willing to let bygones be bygones, and returned to posting in the Harbor. When I tried posting the Monkey Sutra as a peace offering by way of meaningful discourse, that thread was moved without explanation to the 'fan stuff' forum. Angry, I took my writings elsewhere...and only figured out later that 'fan stuff' was meant to be a fiction forum. I would have shrugged it off as a legitimate move if someone had bothered to communicate exactly why they had done it, rather than leaving me to wonder what the heck the 'fan stuff' forum was.

It seems as if the moderators here swoop in and exercize their almighty mod powers with as little explanation as possible...or do so in a sarcastic, almost demeaning fashion, then chalk it off as a 'sense of humor.' This is poor communication.

My advice is: Make more effort to communicate with your members about what is acceptable or not in the forum before modding them about and pissing them off. It's just common courtesy! And when you do communicate with them about important stuff, set the sarcasm aside for a moment and show your own position the dignity it deserves.

On the other hand, if you're being sarcastic to me because I'm a Star Wars game fan, you can lick my lightsaber.

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