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i think the main problem is that us old forumers, who were here long before this was part of lucasforums, and we were all friends having fun, and now come all these mods we never even got to know as humans, and they seem so powerhungry and always looking for perfection. well we just dont feel very welcomed here knowing that every post that wont inerest the supermods, will get deleted or closed.

the members here arent such idiots as you claim them to be.
i participate in a korn forum at THERE you have your load of idiots. from playing games like "190000 bottles of beer on the wall" to posting stuff such as "YEA KORN RULLS!!!"
now THERE'S a place filled with idiots.

now, i resent the fact that you call us members idiots.
you forget that some people here are just kids. 12- 13 year old kids. some people are from other countries.
and some people just arent as uptight as you.
lighten up. you're running a forum, not a buisness, not a country..just a forum
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